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Yin Yoga:-

In late 1970 Paulie Zink a martial arts experts and a yoga teacher was given yin yoga. Yin yoga is more popular in North America and Europe. Yin yoga is more beneficial for beginner's it took a range of 1 minute to 2 minute of time period for a single posses, for beginner. It is a group of posses of modern yoga which contain postures or asanas. Yin yoga helps in our ligaments, fasica and the tendons. Our aim of doing with this yoga is increasing flexibility and strength and increasing circulation in joints.

                     Yin yoga was founded by Zink in late 1970 in america. Zink trained himself for 10 years with a Kung-Fu and Taoist yoga master he was known for his special monkey kung-fu style and his name wasCho Chat Ling. In late 1970 zink was able to learn all about yin yoga and he start teaching yin yoga. He teach synthesis of Hath yoga with Taoist yoga, as well as postures, movements and insights that he developed himself. When zink start's teaching in his first year of his teaching line his most of students belongs to kung-fu and martial arts. So, in first year of his teaching experience he teacheses only beginner level to his students for getting some flexibility because his students were belongs to martial arts that's why they developed strong but tight muscle. So, zink decide to start with beginner level flexibility. As zink got more student to teach he start's to teach advanced levels to his students.
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