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Viniyoga is a ancient Sanskrit word which means adaptation and appropriate application or employment. Viniyoga is also including asanas, pranyama, meditation, chanting. Viniyoga is a style of modern yoga that's why it is mostly followed by youngsters. Viniyoga is also mentioned in yoga sutras of patanjali. This type of yoga is developed by Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. 

              The term viniyoga come in light by western students of T. K. V Desikachar and he was the son of krishnamacharya. Viniyoga is mostly effective in stretching exercise but it is more beneficial for joint pain or low back chronic pain. In 1983 T. K. V Desikchar described viniyoga as                 " systematic application of yoga". Garry kraftshow in 1974 he studied yoga under Desikchar, was founded a viniyoga Institute in America. In 2015, the krishnamacharya healing and yoga foundation registered viniyoga as a trademark in India under medical services classes 44 and in 2017 yoga foundation registerd viniyoga as a trademark in european union. 
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