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In the form of the game as the throwing spear with the use of the spear's everyday use in hunting and war. It was widely practiced in ancient Greece and was included in the 708BC Olympic Games as part of the Pentathlon. It has been part of the program for men from 1908, and for women from 1932 to the modern Olympic Games.

How It Works

Using a hand, a metal-tipped javelin is thrown as much as possible. The athlete should catch his little finger with the javelin holding his knock and hold close to the tip of the execution.

Men's spear should weigh at least 800 grams and women's spear weighing 600 grams, while weighing should be 600 grams and 2.2 meters.

To be measured for throwing, the athlete should not return to the landing area at any level during his approach and throw; They should throw a spear at the upper part of their throwing arm, and they should not cross the foul line, aka scratch line at any time. Javillin must be given a tip in the first marked and 29-degree area.
If the tip first touches the ground, then the throw is measured from this point. Athletes will usually toss competition every four or six times. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the athlete with the next best effort.

Did You Know

Men's spear was redesigned in 1986; Its center of gravity was extended four centimeters further. It reduced its nose by almost 10 percent. This was done because in 1984, after the world record of 104.80 meters by Uve Hone of East Germany, men were at risk of throwing spears beyond the available space in the usual stadiums. In 1999, women's spear was given a new look.
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