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What is Headaches?

Headaches is a type or symptom of pain in head and upper to neck. They may be primary(not related to medical condition) and secondary(due to medical condition and any type of injury).  Primary headaches contains migraine, stress type headaches and cluster headache. Most headaches are not a sign of serious medical problem. However, you should pay attention to medicines, if it is serious or unusual, does not respond to timely treatment and deterioration, recurs it frequently or happens due to any injury, seize, vomiting or fever or by changes in speech, vision or behavior. 

Your Doctor can order head MRI, Lumber Puncher or Head CT to evaluate your problems/disease. If you have't any serious problem than doctor may identify your headache "trigger", such as stress or certain as foods, and recommended preventive medication, lifestyle changes or pain relievers to manage your symptoms. 

Causes of Headaches.

Primary cause of Headache: 

There are several type of cause of Headaches.
Primary Cause are't related to separate medical conditions. 
These Headaches are the result of Inherent process in the brain.
Examples of common Primary Headaches- Migraines, Headache due to stress and Cluster Headaches.

Secondary Headache:

For this type, there is the cause of another disease or condition. Headache is a symptom. The causes can be somewhat simple such as using pain medication, often a serious problem such as a tumor.
It’s probably a secondary headache if:
  • It’s the worst headache you ever hard.
  • It’s the first headache you ever had.
  • It came on quickly with no warning.
  • The pattern changes.
  • It started before you were 5 or after you were 50.
  • You have cencer or HIV
  • You’r peragnent.
  • You have another health condition that can bring it on.
  • The headache czuses fainting or seizures.
  • You get the headache after you exercise, have sex, or squeeze your body.
  • You’re weak on one side of the body, you pass out, have trouble walking, or have other neurological symptoms that worry you.
If you have any of these symptoms, it’s time to go to the doctor.

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