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The Practice of Samadhi

The Practice of Samadhi

The practice of Samadhi is only possible when meditation is perfected. Samadhi has several levels:

Savikalpa Samadhi 

  • You gain knowledge of physical objects.
  • Understanding the abstract nature of things.
  • Move beyond objects until you are only aware of bliss.
  • Only the I-ness remains.

Nirvikalpa Samadhi

  • You become one with soul - no mind - only boundless peace and joy.
  • You feels that your heart is bigger than the world.

Sahaja Samadhi 

  • The constant experience of Nirvikalpa along with daily activity.

Dharma Megha Samadhi 

  • The highest Samadhi, the state of Unclouded Truth (Cloud of Virtue). “All beautiful qualities are there.”
  • All desires, even the desire to know God, have dissolved.
  • All that affects the mind, the causes of suffering, and the bondage of action disappear.
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