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Shoulders Exercise(Shoulders Machine Press)

 Shoulders Machine Press:-

Exercise Summary

Exercise Name:Machine Shoulder Press
Main Muscle:Deltoid
Secondary Muscle(s):Trapezius, Chest, Triceps
Exercise Type:Compound, Push
Equipment Required:Machine


This shoulder arm is a version of the military press on the machine to ensure proper range of motion. Machine shoulder presses can be preferred by beginners, but free weight variation will eventually be more beneficial. See some of these variations below.

How To Perform

1: Choose proper machine and sit on the machine seat and choose proper weight.
2: Grab the handles with both hands which are outside from your shoulder.
3: Now, take a breathe in and lift the handles upside or extend your hands straight upside.
4: Pause your hands at the top for a second.
5: Now, breathe out and lower the handles slowely back to start position.

Sets:- 3-5
Reps:- 6-10
Rest:-60-90 seconds


   1. Even if you are sitting, maintain good posture and keep your back straight.
   2. Complete the exercise in a slow and controlled way. Use very light weight until you   are                     comfortable with the elevator.
   3. Do not lock your elbow on top of the lift. 
   4. Keep your arms straight and keep your back straight and keep your nets straight.



Warm up is very important if you want to avoid any injury.
As every one says before any type exercise or game we need to warm up our body. This is right it is very important to warm up because if we start any exercise without warm up over body then the case of injury increase. Because our body prepare slowly according to conditions. When we start gym without warm up then the possibility of injury increase. 

In warm up normally low-level exercises are there. In warm up we need to do stretching our body. Warm up is for increasing the temperature and ability to stretch muscles so that our body prepare for high level exercises.

Some warm up exercises are:
1. Jogging/Cycling.
2. Soft tissue work on a foam roller.
3. Dynamic Stretching.
4.Push ups.

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