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Triceps Exercise For Getting Bigger Size of Triceps

Triceps Exercise For Getting Bigger Size of Triceps:

                 There is a question which usually come in our mind is how we get bigger triceps or big arms. For getting bigger arms we need to train our triceps. Triceps are 60% of our arms and 40% are our biceps. So, we need to train our triceps for bigger arms.

For increasing the size of our triceps we need to train some basic parts of our triceps
Or for better definition of triceps.

            :Triceps Lateral Head
            :Triceps Long Head
            :Triceps Medial Head

You need to train hese parts of your triceps. Lateral head is the outer part of our triceps. It is also a most important part of our triceps because this part is usually seen by people's. So we should train this part. Triceps long head is the inner part of our triceps which is the longest part of our triceps. It is also a main part for bigger size of triceps. For train your triceps I told you the 6 best exercise for built your triceps bigger.

6 Best Exercise For Trained Your Triceps:
   1: Dumbbell Kickback
   2: Triceps Push Down.
   3: Triangle Push-ups.
   4: Triceps Rope Push Down.
   5: EZ-Bar Skullcrusher. 
   6: Overhead Dumbbell Extension.

      :- Before starting these exercise do some warm up exercise.



Warm up is very important if you want to avoid any injury.
As every one says before any type exercise or game we need to warm up our body. This is right it is very important to warm up because if we start any exercise without warm up over body then the case of injury increase. Because our body prepare slowly according to conditions. When we start gym without warm up then the possibility of injury increase. 

In warm up normally low-level exercises are there. In warm up we need to do stretching our body. Warm up is for increasing the temperature and ability to stretch muscles so that our body prepare for high level exercises.

Some warm up exercises are:
1. Jogging/Cycling.
2. Soft tissue work on a foam roller.
3. Dynamic Stretching.
4.Push ups.

1: Dumbbell Kickback:
It is also a most effective exercise for triceps. In this exercise your muscle activation is 80%. When you push the dumbell upside your hand will be work against gravity. When you are doing this exercise the upper arm of your hand is stabilized. If you feel your elbow drifting down you can use lighter weight. 

1: Put your left foot on a step and stable it and use your left arm to support your back after holding a bench during this exercise.
2: Hold a weight in your right hand and through the dumbbell upside to the torso level. 
3: You have to take your lower arm downside with making a angle of 90 degree with upper arm.
4: In every next set increase your dumbbell wait.
5: After completing thus exercise with right hand, repeat it with the left hand.

Sets:- 6-8
Reps:- 10-12
Rest:- 60-90 seconds

2: Triceps Push Down:


It is also a most effective exercise for triceps. If you want to make this exercise easier then your knees are bent and your feet will be touching the floor.
                If you want to make this exercise harder then take a another bench and put your legs on that bench. Make sure that your knees are straight.
1: Sit on a bench with your hands and your hips are just outside the bench and then bent your knees(easier) or straight your knees and put your foot on another bench(harder).
2: Then bend your elbows untill they make 90 degrees angle with each other and then lift up your hands and your hips should be near the chair.
3: Repeat this exercise for next sets.
4: Avoid this exercise if you feel any pain in your shoulder.

Sets:- 4-6
Reps:- 8-10
Rest:- 60-90 seconds

3: Triangle Push-ups(Triceps Exercise):
Pushups are mainly used for chest exercise.
But the triangle push-up is helpful for your triceps. It helps to gain mass on your triceps.
1: Put your hands on mat. Your hand should be under the chest and your thumb and forefinger are attached like to make a triangle.
2: Keep it in mind that your back should b flat.
3: When you are going down then your chest and your nose should touch the mat and make sure that your back is flat in this position too.
4: When you do this exercise your elbows will naturally flare outside.
5: Repeat this exercise for next sets.

Sets:- 4-6
Reps:- 8-12
Rest:- 60-90 seconds

4: Triceps Rope Pushdown:-


              Attach a rope with pully. Attach the ropes another end with some weight. If you are doing this in a gym then find a proper machine for doing this.

1: Hold the rope with both handsand make a small inclination forward should more better.
2: Bring your arms close to your upper body, then hold the rope with bending your elbows.
3: Then start pushing down the rope until your hands are fully extended and perpendicular to the floor.
4: Pause your hands for few seconds and then take a breath in, bring the rope slowly in starting position.
5: Repeat the exercise for next sets.

Sets:- 4-5
Reps:- 10-12
Rest:- 60-90 seconds

5: EZ-Bar Skullcrusher:- 


              This is one of the best exercise. This will train your triceps.
1: Hold the EZ-bar with both of your hands and lie on a bench. Your arms should be straight in upper direction.
2: Take a breath in before performing this portion of exercise.
3: Then start lowering down the EZ-bar by allowing the elbows to flex.
4: when the EZ-bar slightly touch your forehead then pause your hand in same position for few seconds.
5: Then start lifting the bar up side for taking the starting position by extending the elbow and then breath out.
6: Repeat this exercise for other repetition.

Sets: 4-5
Reps: 10-12
Rest: 60-90 seconds

6: Overhead Dumbbell Extension:-


                        In this exercise you have to take a heavy dumbbell. While doing this exercise  sit on a bench and use your both hands.
1: Hold the weight together in both hands. Take weight according to your strength.
2: Now lift the weight above of your head.
3: Bend your elbows towards the back of your head.
4: After the whole process repeat the same exercise in same method.
5: Increase the dumbbell weight after completing a set.
6: Repeat this exercise with heavy weight in next sets.

Sets:- 6-8
Reps:- 8-12
Rest:- 60-90 seconds
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