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How To Remove Extra Fat From Body:

How To Remove Extra Fat From Body:

                If you are a fatty person then you probably have a poor self image and probably you are not able to enjoy as normal people enjoying. If you are trying to enjoying then soon you feel tired. That all is happen because of yor fatty body.

What Should Do:
Switch off those negative conversation in your head and acknowledge your good qualities. Make a positive thing in your mind that you have to remove your extra fat from your body and get a better personality. At every time you should think that you have to achieve your target or goal
and the better thing is that, you don't need to make planning for that because here I am going to tell you exercise or diet plan's for removing your extra fat from your body and how you get a better personality in your surrounding.

                     Here i am going to tell you the full week plan. If you are starting your exercise from start and from now than you should do these exercises in 3 days of week with one day gap for few days. After these few days you have to follow the plan for 6 days in a week and take one day rest. The following exercises are:

1: Running / Pull-up or Hang down / jump squat / push-up.
2: Cardio / Lower Belly exercise / Upper belly exercise.
3: Gym workout.

:-Before starting your exercise you should do some warm up exercise or stretch your body.



Warm up is very important if you want to avoid any injury.
As every one says before any type exercise or game we need to warm up our body. This is right it is very important to warm up because if we start any exercise without warm up over body then the case of injury increase. Because our body prepare slowly according to conditions. When we start gym without warm up then the possibility of injury increase. 

In warm up normally low-level exercises are there. In warm up we need to do stretching our body. Warm up is for increasing the temperature and ability to stretch muscles so that our body prepare for high level exercises.

Some warm up exercises are:
1. Jogging/Cycling.
2. Soft tissue work on a foam roller.
3. Dynamic Stretching.
4.Push ups.

1: Fat Burning Exercise 

1: Running:-
                        Running slowly for 800 m to 1200 meter. Your bady need to warmup before exercise.

 Up stairs:- After completing your running do some running on upstairs as much as you can do.

2: Pull up:-
                  Hold a bar with your hands and take your feet up from ground. Pull your bady in upside direction, your chest should touch the bar, then slowly lower your self.

If you are not able to do pullups then hold your bady in starting position for some time.

3: Jump Squat:-
                           Stand straight, put your legs apart from each other. Hold your hands in front of your chest.

Then jump as high as you can and land softly. Jump as much time as you can.

4: Push-up:-
                    Put your hands on ground apart from each other at your shoulders width. Expand your legs straight.

Lower your body untill your chest touches the floor, then push your body up and get start position

2: Belly Fat Burning Exercise 

1: Cardio:-
                 Running in constant speed with full body or hand movement.
After completing your cardio start rope jumping and jump for 2 minutes constantly.

2: Lower Belly Exercise:-
                                             Lie on a mat, keep your legs straight and put your hands in side. Then raise your legs up, from your hips.

Then slowly lower down your legs and keep in mind that your legs should not touching the floor. Repeat this exercise for minimum 15-20 reps.

3: Upper Belly Exercise:-
                                             Lie on the carpet and keep your legs straight and keep your hands at back of your neck.

Then raise your upper body and try to touches your legs finger. Then lower your body back to starting position.

3: Gym Exercise:-

1: Close Grip Barble Curl:

1: Find a zig-zag rod or a simple rod and load the bar with weight plates.
2: Stand properly and hold the bar from middle of the bar with both hands.
3: Fix your elbows in side of your chest (maintain gap in between your chest and elbow).
4: Squeeze your hands and do not move your elbows from there.
5: Hold your hands for a moment at the top and then lower your hands from same path.

Sets:- 4-6
Reps:- 10-12
Rest:- 60-90 seconds

2: Flat Bench Dumbbell Press:-


1: Lie on a flat bench. Hold two dumbbell in your both hands, keep your hands perpendicular to your chest.
2: Take a breathe in and start taking the the dumbbell downside parallel.
3: Pause the weight at the bottom for few seconds.
4: Then breathe out and start pushing the weight upside, keep your hands parallel.
5: Increase your dumbbell weight after completing a set.
6: Avoid this exercise if you have pain in your shoulder because it may prevent any injury.

Sets:- 4-6
Reps:- 8-12
Rest:- 60-90 seconds

3: Kickback(Triceps Exercise):
It is also a most effective exercise for triceps. In this exercise your muscle activation is 80%. When you push the dumbell upside your hand will be work against gravity. When you are doing this exercise the upper arm of your hand is stabilized. If you feel your elbow drifting down you can use lighter weight. 

1: Put your left foot on a step and stable it and use your left arm to support your back after holding a bench during this exercise.
2: Hold a weight in your right hand and through the dumbbell upside to the torso level. 
3: You have to take your lower arm downside with making a angle of 90 degree with upper arm.
4: In every next set increase your dumbbell wait.
5: After completing thus exercise with right hand, repeat it with the left hand.

Sets:- 6-8
Reps:- 10-12
Rest:- 60-90 seconds

4: Close Grip Cable Pull Down:-

This helps you in building mass for your wide back. This is one of the best exercise for building back. This is similar as wide grip cable pull down.
1: Attach a close grip handle with the cable and sit on a bench.
2: Hold the handle with your both hands and keep your back straight while doing this.
3: When you pull the cable then stretch your back more.
4: Hold the cable at bottom for a second and then start releasing your cable upside.
5: Stretch your hands as much you can stretch.

Sets:- 4-6
Reps:- 8-10
Rest:- 60-90 seconds

5: Side Lateral Dumbbell Raise:-

1: Take a pair of dumbbells of same weight. 2: Pick the dumbbells in your both hands, stand straight.
3: Then take a breathe and lift the dumbbells up to your sides with a slight bend in your elbows.
4: Pause your hands at the top for a second.
5: Lower the dumbbells to getting the starting position.
6: Repeat this for your next sets with increasing weight of your dumbbells.

Sets:- 3-5
Reps:- 6-10
Rest:- 60-90 seconds

6: Leg Press:

1: Find a leg press machine in your gym and select your weight then sit on the machine, place your legs on the foot pad on machine, seprate your feets at your shoulders width.
2: As you breathe out extend your legs upside
slowely. Your legs should make 90 degree angle with your upper body.
3: Now, breathe in and slowely lower the weight or bend your legs to get starting position.
4: Repeat it for your next variations. When you done your exercise the don't forgot to lock the weight ( for do not falling the loaded weight on your body) .

Sets:- 3-5
Reps:- 6-10
Rest:- 60-90 seconds  
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