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Triceps Exercise (Cable Pushdown)

Triceps Exercise (Cable Pushdown):-


              Attach a rope with pully. Attach the ropes another end with some weight. If you are doing this in a gym then find a proper machine for doing this.

1: Hold the rope with both handsand make a small inclination forward should more better.
2: Bring your arms close to your upper body, then hold the rope with bending your elbows.
3: Then start pushing down the rope until your hands are fully extended and perpendicular to the floor.
4: Pause your hands for few seconds and then take a breath in, bring the rope slowly in starting position.
5: Repeat the exercise for next sets.

Sets:- 4-5
Reps:- 10-12
Rest:- 60-90 seconds



Warm up is very important if you want to avoid any injury.
As every one says before any type exercise or game we need to warm up our body. This is right it is very important to warm up because if we start any exercise without warm up over body then the case of injury increase. Because our body prepare slowly according to conditions. When we start gym without warm up then the possibility of injury increase. 

In warm up normally low-level exercises are there. In warm up we need to do stretching our body. Warm up is for increasing the temperature and ability to stretch muscles so that our body prepare for high level exercises.

Some warm up exercises are:
1. Jogging/Cycling.
2. Soft tissue work on a foam roller.
3. Dynamic Stretching.
4.Push ups.

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